Disc Golf

Pro-Level 18-hole Disc Golf Course

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Disc Golf Tee Time

Disc Golf Tee Time info:

  • $5.00 per player - all money will go directly back into maintaining the course.

  • Note: We currently do not rent disc golf equipment. Please don't forget to bring your own discs! :)

  • Please check our Disc Golf Closure Schedule before heading to Wilderness Ranch.

      • The disc golf course is generally open to the public, UNLESS:

          • There is a wedding scheduled.

          • There is a tournament scheduled.

          • There is maintenance scheduled.

      • When in doubt, please give us a call: (928) 985-0192

Disc Golf Rules

  • PARKING: There should be plenty of parking around the basketball court where the first tee is. However, please park away from any RV's or tents that are here with the current group camp event.

  • Please do not enter any buildings at Wilderness Ranch. These facilities / cabins are reserved for large camp groups, wedding parties, or disc golf tournaments ONLY.
    ***This includes the Bath House. *** Port-a-potties are located onsite for Disc Golfers.

  • Unless you are part of a group camp, wedding party, or disc golf tournament, please do not "hang out" after you play your round. This also means: No setting up of tents, hammocks, campfires, etc

  • Please do not leave any trash behind. Large trash bins are located near the basketball court.

  • Before throwing a disc, watch for people in the woods, especially children.

  • Please be mindful of campers and other disc golfers.

  • Have fun!

Disc Golf Course Closures

The Disc Golf Course will closed to the public when certain events are scheduled on our grounds, such as weddings and disc golf tournaments.

Please check this schedule before attempting to play Disc Golf here at Wilderness Ranch as this schedule could possibly change day to day.

Disc Golf will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC on the following days in the 2023 season:

  • 5/12/2023

  • 5/13/2023

  • 5/20/2023

  • 5/27/2023

  • 5/28/2023

  • 6/3/2023

  • 6/9/2023

  • 6/10/2023

  • 8/30/2023

  • 8/31/2023

  • 9/1/2023

  • 9/2/2023

  • 9/3/2023

  • 9/4/2023

  • 9/9/2023

  • 9/23/2023

  • 10/13/2023

  • 10/14/2023

Tour the Course:

Front 9

Back 9

Front 9 - Short Tees

Back 9 - Short Tees

Disc Golf Course Map

Playing the Course:

Here's a video delivered to us by Pete Ulibarri. His brother Paul Ulibarri played the course with Derek Manning on July 20, 2021.

Playing the Course:

Here's a video delivered to us by Joshua Battazzi. It's a video of him playing our course on 5/16/2020. Thanks, Josh!!

In the News:

Pete Ulibarri interviewed at the 19th Annual Top of the Pines Disc Golf Tournament at Wilderness Ranch on July 22, 2019

* Pictures courtesy of Pete Ulibarri

* Newscast courtesy of WMI TV

Night Disc Golf

Pictures taken 7/23/2022 - night of the NADGT Exclusive @ Wilderness Ranch

Note: Lighting is only available during special events.