Disc Golf

Pro-Level 18-hole Disc Golf Course

New at Wilderness Ranch!!

Disc Golf

Disc Golf Tee Time info:

  1. $5.00 per player - all money will go directly back into maintaining the course.
  2. Please check our calendar and see what's going on at the ranch:
    • The disc golf course is generally open to the public, UNLESS:
      1. There is a wedding scheduled. If you see a wedding on the calendar, the course will be closed those days
      2. There is an item on the calendar stating the course is closed for whatever reason
    • When in doubt, please give us a call: (928) 985-0192

Disc Golf Course Map:

News coverage of the 19th Annual Top of the Pines Disc Golf Tournament at Wilderness Ranch:

Playing the Course:

Here's a video delivered to us by Joshua Battazzi. It's a video of him playing our course on 5/16/2020. Thanks, Josh!!

* Pictures courtesy of Pete Ulibarri

* Newscast courtesy of WMI TV